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If you have been sued by a debt collection company you should take this matter seriously. Just because you may owe a debt does not mean that the debt collection company has the right to collect the debt. Debt collection companies buy debt in large numbers. Because of this, they often do not have the documents required by the law to collect the debt. If a creditor is going to hold you accountable for every penny you may have borrowed, as your California debt attorney, we are going to make them prove every legal principle that allows them to collect. If you do not fight back, a judgment is entered against you and then your wages can be garnished, your savings attached and a lien placed on your home and you can lose your legal right to subsequently challenge the judgment.

The Law Offices of Nicolás C. Vaca fights debt collection lawsuits and collection abuse. Many times we can even unwind the devastating effects of default judgments. We also sue debt collector for violating collections laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We are a debt attorney  and represent defendants throughout Northern California, emphasizing the nine Bay Area counties.